Chinese North Pole Research Station launched in Norway

On 28 July 2004, China's first North Pole research station, Yellow River Staion was officially launched in Ny-Alesund (78°55′N,11°56′E)in Norway's Svalbard Islands. Mr. Yang Huigen, deputy head of China Polar Research Center based in Shanghai, is the first chief of the station.

The station is designed to be a two-story building with a total area of 500 square meters on Svalbard Island. It has laboratories, offices, reading rooms, storerooms and dorms that can accommodate 20 to 25 staff. At the top of the building is an observatory.

The establishment of the station on the North Pole is an integral step for China to improve its understanding about the impact of climate changes in the Arctic to other continents, Asia in particular.

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