China Provides 10 Million Doses of Vaccines to COVAX

As one of the major members of COVAX, China is in close communication with the WHO and other sponsors of the plan, working together to make vaccines a global public good and make them more accessible and affordable to developing countries.

We attach great importance to Director-General Tedros' call to vaccinate priority populations in all nations within the first 100 days of this year. We also attach great concern to the difficulties facing the practical implementation of COVAX, in particular the huge vaccine supply gap in February and March.

For echo of the WHO, China provides 10 million doses of vaccines to COVAX, mainly to meet the urgent need in developing countries. This is another important measure taken by China to promote equitable distribution of vaccines, advance international cooperation in fighting the pandemic, and apply the vision of a community of common health for mankind.

We hope that countries, with the capacity to do so, will take actions to actively support COVAX and the work of the WHO, help developing countries access vaccines in a timely manner, and make their due contributions to mankind's early victory over the pandemic.

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