Ambassador Yi Xianliang's Speech to Celebrate the 93rd Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA:The Chinese Military is a Just Force for Safeguarding Peace and Promoting Common Progress

August 1st marks the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations to the PLA and pay high respect to its heroism, dedication and selflessness.

Over the past 93 years, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the PLA has braved the flames of wars and staunchly forged ahead, fearless to any hardships, dangers and strong enemies. It has made great contributions to the national independence and the dignity of the Chinese people, fulfilled its duties in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, and made unremitting efforts to safeguard world peace and stability.

Both China’s national defense and Chinese military have reached a new historical starting point. At present, the PLA is resolutely implementing Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening military, comprehensively advancing the modernization of the national defense and the armed forces, and striving to achieve the goal of strengthening the armed forces for a new era. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan and the floods in southern part of China this year, the PLA has acted quickly in response to the orders, shouldered heavy responsibilities and kept fighting hard battles. It has made outstanding contributions to the prevention and control of COVID-19 and flood-fighting in China, which once again proves that the PLA is a military of the people, and for the people.

China is committed to the path of peaceful development. We adhere to fostering a new type of international relations and building a community with a shared future for mankind. The PLA has strengthened military exchanges and cooperation with armed forces of many other countries and taken an active part in international and regional security affairs. It is a just force for safeguarding peace and promoting common progress. At present, the PLA has established the mechanism of defense and security consultations or dialogues with nearly 30 countries and international organizations. It has carried out military exchanges with more than 150 countries, including mutual visits of military personnel and warships. So far it has totally dispatched about 40,000 troops to more than 20 UN peacekeeping operations, making China the largest contributor of UN peacekeeping operations among the permanent members of the UN Security Council. Moreover, China is the second largest contributor of peacekeeping budget in the world. It has contributed more than 10 billions of US dollars to UN peacekeeping operations.

Facing the global outbreak of the COVID-19, the PLA actively carried out international cooperation to jointly fight against the pandemic. It has sent out medical expert teams to Laos, Cambodia and some other countries, provided medical supplies assistance to the armed forces of more than 20 countries such as Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Cuba and Venezuela. To better exchange experience of pandemic prevention and control, the PLA has convened VTCs with the armed forces of more than 10 countries such as Russia and South Africa. In short, what the PLA has done is to do the best to contribute its efforts to international cooperation in pandemic response.

At present, China-Norway relations have maintained a sound and stable momentum of development, with vigorous practical cooperation in various fields. The armed forces of both countries are facing new opportunities of cooperation as well. It is expected that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future and bring the military-to-military relationship to a higher level.

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