Ambassador Yi Xianliang meets with Harald Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association

On November 11, Ambassador Yi Xianliang visited the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and exchanged views with Mr. Harald Solberg,the CEO of the association, on strengthening China-Norway maritime cooperation.

Ambassador Yi expressed his appreciation to the Norwegian Shipowners' Association for its positive contribution in the deepening of China-Norway economic and trade cooperation. He said that China and Norway are important members of the International Maritime Organization, the two countries have maintained a good cooperative relationship in offshore drilling platforms, shipbuilding, especially special ships. It is hoped that the Norwegian Shipowners' Association will continue to play a constructive role in the development of China-Norway economic and trade cooperation, continuously consolidate and broaden the channels of cooperation with China, and jointly safeguard the good business environment for enterprise cooperation of both countries.

Solberg warmly welcomed Ambassador Yi, saying that the Norwegian Shipowners' Association attaches great importance to the Chinese market, hopes that the healthy development of global economic and trade order can be restored. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association will continue to strengthen cooperation with China in the fields of green shipping, energy, digital services and ship recycling.

The Norwegian Shipowners' Association is Norway's largest shipowners' federation and one of Norway's largest employers' federations. It currently has more than 160 member companies, mainly for companies operating tankers and bulk cargo, including most of Norway's ship owners.

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